What we enjoyed most when working on this task ?

What we enjoyed most was walking the bridge with our friends and group members and going to the museum taking pictures. While we were walking along the bridge, there was a strange sensation, a sense of belonging. What made it even better was the water taxi and the Singapore River tours, the tourists who were riding the boats were smiling and waving to us and we waved back. In the museum we experienced a rich culture shock, not in a bad way but in a good sense. We saw what the people in the past went through and learnt their traditions and what kind of equipment they used to harvest crops, what the royalties wore.

What were some challenges we faced?
We arrived at Clarke Quay station to find out that 2 of our group members were missing. We called him to tell him that we would wait for him at the Coleman Bridge which was located outside exit E in the end we had to complete a few tasks before he came. Sadly, one of our group members was unwell. We also lost our way... But that was soon solved due to some clever students that accompanied us as we went together in a few groups. We had also some difficulty choosing which civilisation to choose as we had mixed ideas on which one would be best.

One more chance...
If we had one more chance to do this one area where we would like to do better would be the movement around the designated areas. We would plan the route more carefully and try to work with more groups to collaborate with them. For example, we would plan the route to estimate where we would go or reach at a certain time and include a time limit for viewing the galleries.

Overall Experience
We had a very enjoyable time venturing around the A.C.M and taking pictures of landmarks and most importantly getting out of the house and walking around with our friends.