Friday, March 23, 2012

Back then and Now~

The changes that Singapore River has experienced over the past centuries are obvious, especially the activities that have been occurring in or near it.

Back Then
- Used as a trade route

- Old port of Singapore

- Place for offerings

The Cleanup (1880's)

Heavy traffic on the Singapore River due to rapid urbanization and expanding trade. At the same time, it brought in water pollution caused by the disposal of garbage, sewage and other by-products of industries located along the river's banks. The sources of water pollution into the Singapore River and Kallang Basin included pig wastes from farms, unsewered premises and street hawkers. Riverine activities such as transport, boat building and repairs were also found along the Singapore River. Some 750 lighters plied along the Singapore River and Kallang Basin in 1977. Waste, oil spills and wastewater from these boats and lighters added to the pollution of the rivers.

Early October 1977: Action plan on "The Clean-up of the Singapore River and Kallang Basin" was submitted to the Prime Minister.

Late October 1977: The government was starting to take action to clean up the river. The plan involved the development of infrastructure such as housing, industrial workshops and sewage; massive resettlement, re-siting of street hawkers to food centres and phasing out of pollutive activities. Refuse was collected daily for incineration, while hawkers were issued licenses and provided specified areas with proper sewerage amenities.

Present Day

- Sides are packed with clubs and bars

- Economic hub of Singapore

- Many high priced houses located near the vicinity

- Tourist attraction

- Water rides and tours


Some example of activities:

Tour around the Singapore River with happy tourists

Extreme Swing

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